Packaging & Labeling

IMP solves your packaging needs for kit design, packaging, and labeling, including JIT labeling, blinding, design and manufacturing of printed packaging materials.

Performing clinical trials often necessitates the production of printed packaging materials (PPMs) that meet both local and global standards, as well as the unique requirements of each clinical trial. IMP is your one-stop solution for the design and manufacturing of all PPMs types needed for your clinical trial. This includes single panel labels with variable information for blinding, low migration labels, booklets, tear-off labels, and carton boxes, to address all your labeling and packaging needs.

Our experienced personnel meticulously implement all protocol and regulatory requirements when packaging and designing the patient kit. Regulatory requirements for packaging and labeling of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) and non-IMPs for clinical trials differ from those of regular commercial products. It is essential to ensure that all primary and secondary packaging printed materials, including carton boxes, labels, label adhesives/glues, bottles, vials, and low migration inks, are eligible for use in clinical trials. IMP exclusively utilizes materials that meet the stringent criteria for a wide range of vial materials and temperature conditions, ensuring your trial's success.

IMP will fulfill your packaging needs by providing:
  • Primary packaging for solid dosage forms
  • Secondary packaging
  • Blinding packaging
  • Cytotoxic secondary packaging
  • Packaging under refrigerated and freezing conditions
  • PPMs production, including:
  • Single panel labels with or without variable information
  • Low migration labels
  • Booklets
  • Tear-off labels
  • Carton boxes
Packaging Precision, Protecting Your Product's Potential
Labeling precision: Your protocol, our expertise.
Labeling is a pivotal element in the packaging process. Our experienced personnel will ensure that your labels meet all pre-defined protocol specifications while adhering to local and global packaging regulations.
Our labeling capabilities include:
  • Expiry extension
  • Re-labeling
  • JIT labeling, etc.

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