Patient first clinical supply solution for your clinical trial

One of the challenges in clinical trials is patient recruitment and retention. To meet this challenge head-on, many BioPharma companies are embracing Direct-to-Patient Models, recognizing their potential to enhance patient enrollment and adherence.

IMP's robust supply chain platform is tailor-made to provide solutions for clinical trial logistics in the context of Direct-to-Patient Models. We understand the critical importance of accommodating investigational product requirements, including temperature monitoring, validated shippers, and user-friendly patient kits, all while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Effective and early planning is the key to mitigating the challenges associated with the Direct-to-Patient Model. IMP brings its specialized expertise to manage the logistics of the supply chain and address the unique requirements that arise in Direct-to-Patient studies.

Our Direct-to-Patient services include:
  • Transportation from our depot to the clinical site in accordance to GDP guidelines
  • Transportation from the clinical site to the patient home in accordance to GDP guidelines
  • Temperature monitoring throughout the drug poduct use cycle
  • Qualified vendor for clinical sites and sponsors
  • Kit design and packaging for patients ease of use
Putting Patients First: Facilitating Decentralized Clinical Trials by Delivering Personalized Care Directly to the Patient

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