Bioforum Group Companies

The Data Masters

Bioforum is a data focused CRO with over 10 years of clinical research experience.

We offer a wide range of clinical data services to include medical writing, data management, biostatistics and pharmacovigilance.

Our goal is to consistently improve and innovate data processes to support our clients in the utilization of their clinical data and guarantee its integrity and accuracy for the most efficient data submissions.

With a multi-disciplinary team of experts, we provide a unique and high-quality solutions for efficient collection, standardization and reporting of clinical research data. Our professional teams enable clients to manage and analyze their data through integrated visualization and analytical capabilities.

We are multinational company with offices in Israel, the US, Australia and South Africa.

Applied Knowledge Center

With an international faculty of 400 professionals from around the world, we educate and train thousands of life-sciences industry professionals annually.

  • Bioforum provides educational courses and seminars to qualify the biomedical community and elevate its professional abilities.
  • Our faculty is comprised of international highly experiences industry professionals and academic scholars from applied and scientific disciplines
  • We provide secretariat services for professional associations – such as the analytical chemistry association, the Israeli chapter of the PDA, the Industry Network of Advanced Cell Applications (INACA) – in the stem cell and cultured meat space, CannAlliance – a consortium set to enhance clinical research and medical cannabis and more.
  • Bioforum produces international conferences for the life sciences community in Israel and abroad and supports official government delegations in the biomedical and clinical trial ecosystems.
  • We provide consulting services provided by leading exerts of the biomedical community for startups, big pharma, medical devices companies and more.