Accessibility Statement

The accessibility statement was updated on 14 March, 2024

IMP is committed to providing comprehensive, tailor-made clinical trial supply services that address all study phases and requirements. We strive to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities, both within our organization and on our website, promoting equal rights and transparency for all.

Accessibility on the site

  • An accessible website ensures that individuals with disabilities can navigate and use the site with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as other users. This is achieved by designing the website to be compatible with various assistive technologies and by incorporating features that enhance accessibility.
  • The site meets Level AA of the international W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, in accordance with Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments for Service), 2013 (hereinafter: “the Regulations”).We support the use of assistive technologies such as screen reader software and browsing with a keyboard, utilizing functions such as Tab and  keys for navigation, arrow keys for selection, Enter key for confirmation, and Esc key for exiting menus and windows. Users can navigate between titles by pressing H or a number.
  • On this website, you can browse optimally and accessibly using common browsers. We recommend using the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Chrome, along with INVDA screen reader software.

Contact us if you find a problem

Please let us know if you have come across any accessibility related problem, so we can do are best to make the site better for you, by emailing [email protected]

We recommend attaching the following details to make sure we have all the information we need to help:

  • A description of the problem.
  • What action were you trying to take.
  • A link to the page you were on.
  • Your browser type and version.
  • Your operating system.
  • If you were using any assisting technology, please include it.

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