IMP is a joint company established by SLE (Salomon Levin and Elstein Ltd.) & inPACK (a part of Bioforum group)

Comprehensive clinical supply management services are offered in a controlled, monitored, licensed and certified GMP facility by the Israeli Ministry of Health. IMP holds Manufacturer’s / Importer’s Authorization with in-house experienced QPs for the certification/re-certification of clinical supply.
Our dedicated and professional team accompanies each customer's specific needs, from study set-up to study completion. IMP handles all study types; open label or blinded studies, all phases (I-IV) and scales, including large scale production (for phase III studies) and complicated campaigns.

IMP manages all clinical supply chain activities: importation, sourcing, packaging, QP release, storage, distribution and destruction

By using advanced and controlled methods for maintaining randomization and blinding, IMP becomes the preferable supplier for all clinical trial supply needs.
IMP’s professional team works under strict GMP regulations to assure safe, high-quality and cost-effective product.